Warm Weather Upkeep Areas for Garage Doors

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For homeowners everywhere, the changing seasons represent a good opportunity to perform a few areas of basic maintenance and upkeep. One area that definitely falls into this category is garage doors – as we move from the winter into the warmer months of the year, a few basic areas to ensure the door and its components are operating properly and efficiently can go a long way to maintaining long-term lifespan and limiting hassle.

At All Star Garage Doors, our garage door repair services include a wide range of preventive areas we’ll assist you with at this time of year. Between our services and some of your own DIY prowess, here are a few important areas to consider during spring and summer to ensure your garage door is all set for the warm season.


For starters, this is a great time of year to inspect the garage door and its various components to ensure no significant damage took place during the winter. You’re also checking for the kinds of basic wear-and-tear that naturally show up in many mechanical items.

Start at the hinges and cables of the door, checking for strain or any wear-down. From here, move to track bolts and springs, ensuring there’s no rust or other corrosion that’s taken place due to moisture contact during winter. If you see any signs of damage in any of these areas, contact our professionals for further inspection and potential repairs.

Basic Cleaning

Many garage door components work most efficiently when they’re clean of all debris, dust and other blockages. All you need is some simple soap and water to get into major component areas and clear them of gunk buildups, or some car wax if major buildups have taken place.


Down related lines, several parts of the garage door need proper lubrication to ensure they function efficiently and don’t create wear issues over time. One major tip here: While you might be tempted to use WD-40, a standard lubrication product for cars and other materials, we recommend against it for garage doors.

Rather, you should use a lithium grease or a silicone-based product for your garage tracks, hinges and rollers. Use enough lubricant to keep the system running smoothly and quietly, but not so much that dirt and dust will stick to excess lubricant in the area, which will counteract the whole purpose of lubrication. Our pros will help advise you on proper amounts if needed.


For an energy-efficient garage door that doesn’t contribute to major heat gain and rising utility bills this spring and summer, you’ll need to seal your door if this isn’t already done. Sealing includes both insulation and weather-stripping, both of which may already be present in your door – if so, you should check both areas to ensure things are in good shape. Inspecting insulation may be tougher in some doors where it’s encased, but our pros are happy to help here.

For more on spring and summer garage door maintenance areas to consider, or to learn about any of our garage door services, speak to the staff at All Star Garage Doors today.

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