Utah Garage Door Safety Tips

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Garage doors are a normal part of most homes. Many people don’t realize however, the safety and security risk they can pose. Our Utah Garage Door Repair Company provides this list of tips to help your family stay safe around your garage door. 

1.    Keep the garage door opener out of reach of small children and don’t let them play with the remote controls. Talk to small children about the dangers of a garage door and how to stay safe.

2.    Don’t leave the garage door partially open.  When your garage door is activated again it could come down on something that is in its path.

3.    Learn how to use the garage door’s emergency release feature and make sure your family is aware as well.

4.    Inspect the garage each month to make sure it is functioning correctly and for signs of wear. If you see something that you think might need repaired, consult your Utah Garage Door Repair Company for help.

5.    To keep your house safe during vacation, unplug the garage door unit opener. This will make it so that remotes will not be able to open the garage door.

6.    Never leave your remote control in your car or with a parking attendant. Doing so will allow a home invader easy access to your home.

7.    Keep fingers and hands away from the garage door when it is opening or closing to avoid injury.


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