Tips on Childproofing Your Garage

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For those who have children in the home, particularly infants and younger children, keeping them safe is an important daily consideration. There are several areas of the home you’ll have to pay attention to your children in, and one of these is the garage area.

At All Star Garage Doors, we can help with essential safety and operation tips for all our residential garage door options, including keeping them safe and secure with children in the home. Here are some basic childproofing tips for both the mechanical elements of the garage and some of the smaller details. 

Garage Opener

We’ll get into several other important child safety areas in the garage in a moment, but we wanted to begin with a single issue that’s perhaps the most common form of child-related garage door problem: The automatic garage door opener. 

For younger children, this item can be easily viewed as a fun toy to play with. It has buttons and lights, after all, and they’ll quickly realize that it makes the door open – that will seem like magic to them at first! Here’s the problem: This kind of interest can lead to major safety concerns. Children should never be allowed to play with the garage door opener or the door itself for any reason, and the former should be kept out of their reach at all times. If your child has a clear interest in the opener or any mechanical part of the garage door, make sure you know where they are anytime you plan to open or close the door to ensure they’re safe. 

Other Safety Areas

The mechanical parts of the garage can pose safety risks to children if you aren’t careful, but they aren’t the only elements of a standard garage that can do so. Many of us use the garage as a storage area for numerous items, and you’ll want to evaluate a few related areas here to make sure the space is safe for your child:

  • Check for clutter and any hazardous items on the garage floor or areas where children will walk.
  • Ensure children cannot reach any chemicals or heavy tools you store in the garage. In addition to simply storing them out of reach, also be sure to remove any stools or counters that might allow them to climb up. Locked doors for these kinds of materials are the best way to go. 
  • If there are any potential hazards, do your best to limit your child’s interest in – and access to – the space where possible.
  • Make sure your child can’t access things like garbage, pet food or other similar materials. 
  • Regularly maintain the garage and its mechanical parts. 
  • Lock all vehicles in the garage, even while they aren’t being used. 

For more on childproofing your garage, or to learn about any of our garage door repair or replacement services, speak to the pros at All Star Garage Doors today. 

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