Busy schedules and a daily routine can eat up the time you could have spent keeping your garage neat and clean. Eventually, however, the clutter will become an irritation you can no longer ignore. If it’s gotten to a point where you can’t park or need to create pathways just to get around, then it’s time to get serious about organizing your garage.

All Star Garage Doors Inc. is always looking for ways to help you organize your garage. Our garage storage solutions in Salt Lake City, UT ensure you don’t have to put up with a messy space.

What We Offer

Our shelves and racks are customizable, so you can get shelves and other storage solutions in the dimensions you require. They are also versatile and adjustable. Whether you are looking to organize your sports equipment or need a place for your gardening tools, you can find the right storage solution with us.

Our Product Selection Includes:

  • Overhead storage. Now you can store your belongings off the ground in your garage. We design our products to utilize unused overhead space and hold all storage items.
  • Wall storage. Our large, wall-mounted shelves are the perfect additions to any garage. They offer more storage than other alternative mounted shelves.
  • Tire storage. Keep tires from littering the garage floor. Our tire storage system is made from strong steel and can accommodate up to four tires.

Why You Need Garage Storage

When you have a garage storage system in your home, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • More floor space. By storing items on shelves, you free up more space in your garage. More space means more ways to use the room.
  • Secure mounting. Racks should be secure, always. We support each corner of the rack with four-joint mounting, which you can easily adjust.
  • Long-term storage. If you have storage items you do not use frequently, use storage racks to clear more space. Tuck these items out of the way and still have easy access whenever you need it.

If you are looking for garage storage shelves in Provo and Salt Lake City, UT, look no further. Get in touch with us today to check out your options.