Garage Door Repairs That You Shouldn’t Fix Yourself

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Utah Garage Door Repair professionals are out there for a reason. Utah Garage Door Repairmen have an extensive knowledge and experience with garage door repairs and maintenance. If your garage door breaks and you try to fix it yourself without the right knowledge, there is a good chance that you might cause more damage or even hurt yourself.


With all that said, there are some minor repairs that can be fixed by yourself, however, here is a list of repairs that should always be fixed by a licensed garage door repairman.


Panel Replacement

Replacing panels on your garage door is more than just a cosmetic issue. There are many safety hazards involved, and a professional garage door repairman can fix the issue, and help you determine the cause for why the panels became damaged in the first place.


Spring Replacement

If a spring on your garage door breaks, your garage door will not be able to work properly. There is a certain type of equipment needed for this repair, and without it, replacing a spring can be very dangerous. The safest way to fix a spring is to have a professional fix it.


Roller Replacement

It is just inevitable that over time, rollers on your garage door will become bent or broken. When this happens, you will need to contact a professional to repair it.


Broken Cables

In order for your garage door to work properly, the cables need to be in great shape. The cables are constantly under a lot of pressure, so they can be dangerous to fix if you aren’t a specialist.


Bent Track

The tracks are what allow your garage door to open and close. If these tracks are damaged in any way, you might not be able to open or close your door. To make sure this issue is fixed safely and correctly, you will need to call a professional.

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