Garage Door Problems During the Winter Months

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Many people wonder why garage doors don’t open as well in the winter. Several problems could be the cause of this. By knowing about these problems, it gives you an opportunity to prevent them before they happen.

Here are a few of the most common issues you can experience with your garage door during the winter:

Hardened Grease

Most lubricating greases are made to operate under really hot temperatures. The downside is that they don’t necessarily work very well in cold temperatures. Cold temperatures can thicken and harden grease, making it not work very well as a lubricant. During the winter, it is smart to remove old grease with silicone-based oil; it will help to prevent this problem.

Broken Springs

The spring system in your garage door helps to balance the weight of the door. These springs only last for a certain amount of time, and usually end up reaching their lifecycle and breaking in the winter months.

Excess Grease

A major common problem during the winter is that a build-up of extra grease can occur. It can be hard to find a happy medium between too much and too little lubricant. For help with this, contact you local Garage Door Repairmen.

Contracting Metal

Metals tend to contract when the temperatures get too cold. There are tons of metal components in garage doors that have the potential to shrink up during the winter months. To try and reduce these effects, add more lubricant; however, be cautious of adding too much lubricant or the above problem will occur.

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