Although simple-looking, your garage doors are kept functional by complex systems. Every part plays an important role in ensuring your garage door functions well. One of the most vital parts of that system is the spring. It creates a counterbalance to your door so that it can move properly.

Time and regular use, however, can take their toll on your springs. When issues arise, what do you do? Call All Star Garage Doors Inc., of course. Our garage spring repair in Utah involves the installation of oil-tempered springs customized to fit your doors.

Types of Springs

Each garage door system is different. For this reason, it’s important to know which spring will function well with your system.

There are two types of springs: Torsion springs and Standard Extension. We install Torsion springs above the garage door to support heavier weights. This spring type also comes with a shaft assembly and drum. Standard springs, on the other hand, are ideal for lifting smaller loads. We install this spring type above the horizontal tracks of your door.

Professional Services

New Installation

We specialize in custom garage doors and springs. With new installations, our team will build oil-tempered springs designed to handle any garage door type into the system. We also install springs that are quieter and last longer than other brands.


We custom design springs for different garage doors; both residential and commercial. If your current springs are noisy or rusting, it’s a sign you need a new one. All Star Garage Doors Inc. can either replace or repair your current spring.

Leave It to the Experts

A do-it-yourself job is commendable, but DIY spring repair and replacement can be risky. Instead of handling mechanical garage door systems on your own, leave it to our team of garage door experts. Our certified technicians can solve any problem efficiently. They focus on ensuring your safety and the prolonged operation of your door.

For more information on our garage door spring replacement in Provo, UT, get in touch with us today.

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