Factors to Look for When Choosing Garage Door Openers

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When it comes to any modern garage door, one vital area to consider is the garage door opener, or remote. Technology allows us to automatically open our garage doors in this and all recent generations, and there are a few options at your disposal here if you’re purchasing a new garage.

At All Star Garage Doors Inc., we offer a wide range of both commercial and residential garage door options, plus a great selection of LiftMaster door openers – the top company in such technology. What are some of the important elements you should be considering when selecting a new garage opener? Let’s take a look.

Drive Options

For starters, you’ll generally have two options when it comes to the drive component of your new garage door opener (we’ll also discuss some lesser-used alternatives):

  • Chain drive opener: Similar in many ways to a bicycle, this option has a specific chain that connects the garage trolley to the opening motor. This is the traditional garage opener format, and still likely the most common out there today. Chain openers are a bit noisier than their counterparts, but are also less expensive and are perfect for detached garages where noise isn’t a concern.
  • Belt drive: Belt drive openers, on the other hand, use a rubber belt instead of the chain. They are known to be quieter options, great for garages directly above or below bedrooms, but are also a bit more expensive than chain options. However, they require extremely little maintenance as well.
  • Other options: There are also screw drive openers, direct drive openers with a motor installed inside the trolley itself, and jackshaft openers that mount on the wall.

Wall Button Options

For those who want an outdoor keypad on their garage, the wall button option is the way to go. These options come with timers and motion sensors, allowing you to set the garage to open and close automatically at certain times. They also lock outside radio signals when they’re programmed, stopping would-be burglars from accessing your system.

Battery Backups

Ensure you have a system that has a battery backup, especially if your power regularly goes out in the area where you live. This will ensure the garage can still be opened and closed even with the power out.

LED Lighting

If you work in the garage or perform regular household tasks there, consider opener options with LED lighting to bring much more light to the space.

Wi-Fi and Smart Garage Technology

Finally, did you realize that modern technology even allows you to hook your garage opener up to your smartphone? That’s right, several newer options offer Wi-Fi connections to your phone that allow you to open and close the garage door from anywhere – if you’re scared you accidentally left it open when leaving for work one morning, you can simply check your phone and find out if that was actually the case, plus close it if so.

For more on choosing your garage door opener, or to learn about any of our garage door repair services, speak to the staff at All Star Garage Doors Inc. today.

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