DIY Methods for Garage Dents

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As the first line of defense for your home against many weather elements, one of the most common issues for any garage door is basic denting. There are a number of different things that could lead to garage dents, from debris impacts to small defects in construction.

At All Star Garage Doors Inc., we’re here to help if you have dents in your garage. This is just one small area of our comprehensive garage door repair services, which cover issues large and small. Did you know, though, that many small garage door dents can be fixed easily on your own? Here are a couple methods for doing so, plus some signs that a dent is a bit too stubborn for a DIY project and requires our professionals instead.

Paint and Primer

Our first method here involves physically evening out and filling in the dent so that it’s even with the rest of the garage door. It will require a wooden block, a putty knife, sandpaper, a rubber mallet, paint, primer and some kind of patching material. Here are the steps to take:

  • Wash the dented area using warm water and detergent, then let it completely dry.
  • Take your wooden block and lay it over the dented space. Tap it with the mallet lightly to push the dent down and begin evening it.
  • Once the dent is even, sand the area completely.
  • Use patching material to cover the area, then use the putty knife to scrape this material off and leave a smooth finish.
  • Let the patching material dry, then sand it again.
  • Apply primer, let it dry fully, and then paint the color of your choosing.

Heat Source

Rather than using physical materials to fill and cover dents, this second method uses heat to get the job done. It requires a heat source, compressed air, and a strip of aluminum foil. Here’s what you do:

  • Like above, wash the area fully using warm water and detergent, then allow it to try.
  • Place the strip of aluminum foil over top of the dent.
  • Apply the heat source evenly to the foil so that all sections are heated to the same level.
  • After roughly one minute, remove the foil and spray the dent with compressed air for roughly 30 seconds. If the dent doesn’t recede, you can try another 30 seconds or so.

Stubborn Dents

The above methods won’t necessarily solve all dent issues, however. There are certain large or stubborn dents that require more detailed processes to remove, and there might even be some that are so significant that you’re better off purchasing a new garage door altogether. In either case, let our pros know and we can help you find the best solution.

For more on fixing garage door dents, or to learn about any of our garage door repair or installation services, contact the pros at All Star Garage Doors Inc.

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