Determining if Insurance Covers Garage Repairs

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At All Star Garage Doors, garage door repairs are some of our specialties. Whether you require fixes to your motor, springs, panels or any other component of the door, we’ll respond promptly and help you find the most cost-effective solution.

Speaking of costs, one question we’re regularly asked by our residential clients is whether their homeowner’s insurance will cover repair costs for some element of their garage. Our answer: It depends on what the cause of the damage or issue was, and may also depend on the kinds of insurance you carry. Let’s take a quick look at a few different scenarios and whether you’re covered for repairs based on the facts available.

Damage from Vehicles

There may be some exceptions based on your policy, but nearly all homeowner’s insurance policies cover damage to the garage door caused by someone driving into it. This includes you, your family and anyone else specifically under your coverage.

Now, if someone else drives into your garage door and damages it, things should be even simpler. In this case, their auto liability insurance should cover any and all damages. The only possible hurdle here is if an uninsured driver damages your garage door, which is rare.

Damage from Natural Disasters

Whether we’re talking hail, severe ice or various hazards blown around by high winds, homeowner’s insurance usually covers at least some level of repair to the garage door. This is an area, however, where many insurance companies get specific – they may cover certain distinct kinds of damages but not cover others. An example here is an earthquake or a flood, which will be covered by some policies but uncovered by many others.

Basic Wear and Tear

One of the primary reasons we recommend quality maintenance and inspection services for all garage doors? Because the generally is no insurance provision provided for long-term wear-and-tear, which happens to all garage doors in some form or another. If you take the proper steps to protect it over time, however, you won’t have to worry about this kinds of issues running up a big repair bill.

Vandalism or Break-In

As long as there’s proof of malicious mischief of some kind, which is usually readily apparent in these kinds of situations, you’re usually covered under homeowner’s insurance for any vandalism or break-in incidents. This includes things like graffiti or broken windows, but can also include the garage door itself. You won’t need to necessarily find the person responsible to be covered; rather, you’ll just need to show that the act was malicious and was clearly not caused by you or anyone else with a stake in the property.

For more on whether or not your garage repairs are covered by insurance, or to learn about any of our garage door services, speak to the staff at All Star Garage Doors today.

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