Causes and Possible Solutions for Garage Door Bowing

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There are several garage door issues that ride the line between aesthetic issues and functional concerns, and a good example is a bowing garage door. While these issues are generally first noticed from a visual perspective, and may be minor enough that they don’t immediately impact your door’s functionality, they often worsen and create door operation issues as well.

At All Star Garage Doors, our wide range of garage door repairs including assessing and helping you manage bowing issues that have taken place. Here’s a primer on what bowing is, how it compares to similar issues, what causes it, and the approach you should take when dealing with bowing issues on your garage door.

Bowing Vs. Warping

If you’ve heard of bowing before, your mind also may be drifting to warping, a similar term that’s often used interchangeably. In reality, bowing is actually a form of warping, which is a condition where something becomes twisted or bent out of shape due to heat, dampness or other similar causes.

Bowing, specifically, will occur on the surface of your garage door, which will appear dented or caved-in. Bowed garage doors are very easy to spot, and even if not, they will often moan and strain as they open, signaling an issue is present.

Causes of Bowing

The most common material that experiences bowing is wood, and this is because this material is prone to changing its shape when impacted by temperature fluctuations. Extreme temperatures on either end of the spectrum, especially repeatedly and over a period of time, can lead to warping and bowing issues on wooden garage doors.

Now, it’s important to know that it’s possible for bowing to take place with other materials besides wood, including steel. If you notice bowing in a steel garage door, however, the likely cause is a centrally situated opener that isn’t strong enough to handle the door’s full weight.

Fix or Replace?

At All Star Garage doors, our priority is efficient but cost-effective services for your garage door and home. For this reason, we’ll attempt to exhaust all repair options that make sense if you have bowing issues in your door – if just a few panels are bowed, for instance, or even just a single panel, we’ll quickly and simply replace it for a very low cost.

In some situations, though, this kind of replacement just doesn’t make sense for you. It might cost more than simply replacing the door, for starters, if many panels are bowing or the door is having trouble opening or closing due to the bowing concerns. In these cases, we’ll help you choose and install a quality garage door replacement.

For more on garage doors and bowing concerns, or to learn about any of our garage door repair or replacement services, speak to the staff at All Star Garage Doors today.

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